Business Assurances


One way to aid business survival in the event of the death of a key employee. The policy is owned by the Employer who receives the benefits upon death of the employee. In this way, cash is made available to cover the period of adjustment or replacement. This arrangement avoids the need to draw on the business funds.


The only sure way for surviving partners or shareholders in smaller companies to be certain they can retain control of the business. Helps protect the dependants of the deceased as well. Once again, cash can be available when it is needed most and without strain on the business assets or cash flow.


A plan designed for employers whereby they can arrange for life insurance protection for employees. Provided there are established rules for the inclusion of staff, it is probable that most will be admitted without any medical evidence being asked for. Another way of improving staff benefits at very little cost. Premiums may be deductible to the Employer.


A must for any organization conducting regular medium-to-high volume shorter term, small loan business. Provides for the payment of outstanding debts on the death of the borrower. Premiums are low and payable as a single payment at the outset of the loan term.