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The Samoa Life Assurance Corporation (Samoa Life) is Samoa's national life office. As life insurers we offer a full range of policies and services to suit nearly every need in the life insurance field. These are kept continually under review to ensure that all markets can be catered for. In addition Samoa Life offers a full advisory service not only in personal but also business insurance and related financial services for its members.


  • To maintain the financial viability of the Corporation in order to provide sustainable level of benefits and meet its obligations to policyholders.
  • To improve administration systems as well as the capability of its resources to enhance an effective service, improve our market share and public awareness.
  • To promote good client relationship through improved services and new products.

Other Directories

  • The Strategy for Development of Samoa
  • Cabinet Directives
  • Finance Sector Plan 2017-2020
Samoa Life is committed to developing innovative, appropriate, affordable and quality insurance choices that reflects the needs of individuals and the local communities. Through the various policies available we are not only providing financial protection but also promoting long term savings. It is indeed a good option of providing for the future needs of its own people. Insuring lives is a personal choice of individuals and the continuation of cover is also dependent on the policyholders needs and their ability to maintain the policy for its intended duration.


The Corporation's mandate is provided under the following Acts:

  • The Insurance Act 2007
  • The Life Assurance Corporation Act 1976
  • The Public Bodies (Performance and Accountability) Act 2001
  • The Public Finance Management Act 2001
  • The Financial Institutions Act 1996
  • Labour and Employment Relations Act 2013


To be the leading life assurance provider that is dependable, affordable and appropriate to all Samoan people


To maintain an acceptable level of good quality policies and continuously introduce new business to ensure growth and financial viability of the Corporation for the benefit of its members


Insurance Policies and Services


Policy Holders


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Personal Assurances

Financial Services Available


Life policies can be used as security for loans with other lending institutions. To formalize this process the assignment must be registered with the Corporation before title of policy is vested with the new owner. When the loan is paid off in full the policy can be reassigned to its original owner safekeeping. Life policies can therefore be very useful as collateral security for a large loan against unexpected death.


Policy Loans

Policy loans may be taken by a policyholder based on the surrender value or Endowment and Whole life policies. Term insurance does not have loan values. The usual proofs before a loan can be granted are the policy document and completion of a loan agreement form. Repayments of policy loans are usually demanded on an installment basis with additional advances granted depending on outstanding balance.


Mortgage Loans

Samoa Life can lend money to policyholders for the purpose of buying freehold land and construction of homes. Finance for purchase of vehicle is also available. All these loans require a first mortgage security as stipulated in the Act. All mortgage loan advances are limited to two thirds of the security offered based on a valuation acceptable to the Corporation.

Please contact Teleapesega Pesega Faavae for more information

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